Hi there! My name is Natasja de Veth, 29 years old, and i am a Dutch based illustrator and art therapist. Ever since i was young i always felt the urge to create things. I even spent my breaks in high school in the art class room. Naturally my first study was art, my second one was art therapy. I grew up in a small town called Bergen op Zoom, moved to the other end of the Netherlands for my study in art therapy and moved back to another small town called Bergen op Zoom in which i am currently living.

You can say that art always has been very important to me, for me personally and for my work as an art therapist. I use my illustrations to share the small things that make me smile, small things that are very important.  Important because they remind us about the things that really matter.

My cats and animals in general, simple green living, nature, good food, friends and the special bond between humans and animals are examples of what inspires me.

Please contact me for more information and- or questions. I am always happy to help. 🙂

You can e-mail me at info@natasjadeveth.com

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