Down below you can find frequently asked questions like what materials do i use, what did i study and where you can buy my art.


Education? I spent a year in art school, but actually not in illustration but in photography. This was however not the right course and moment for an education in art. I personally believe that you don’t need a degree to work in the creative industry. After my year in art school i began studying art therapy, in which i have a bachelors degree. Exploration of as many materials as possible was very important during this study. I discovered what materials suited me and which ones don’t. For a few years my focus was working as an art therapeut, later on my own creative journey became more and more important to me.


What do I use? I use a technique called linocut. It’s a technique where I  draw my design on a piece of linoleum. When I have drawn on my design I use carving tools to carve away any part that I want to get rid off. When I am satisfied with the carved design I make a print on paper either by hand or with an etching press.

Tools? It depends on the goal. But I always use my Pfeil linocutting tools. They are from great quality and make the carving more easy since they are really sharp. (and stay sharp if you take good care of your tools!) I also got my eye on some Flexcut tools for some really tiny details. I also use a Flexcut slipstrop for honing my tools.

Paper? I am loving my Khadi paper at the moment. I use the 150 grams kind. It’s textured, feels luxureous and I just really love how my prints look on this paper. Also it’s available in different colours which I am really exited about. I am also experimenting with some really thin paper that I can hand burnish. I am also on the look for some awesome black paper.

Inks? I started out with some waterbased ink but now I mostly use the Cranfield Caligo safe wash ink. It has the richness in colour of a oil-based ink but it doesn’t have the hassel of cleaning it with all kinds of chemical products. You can just use water and soap. Perfect! I am also experimenting with a gold ink from Schminke.

Lino? I am using the brown kind which I buy at Gersteacker in the Netherlands. But I also really want to try the grey battleship kind, but for now I like this kind since it’s very sturdy and not crumbly.


I am taking personal/private commissions at the moment.


You can buy my prints and stickers in my Etsy store 🙂